Thursday, November 17, 2005

please help (and a cupcake recipe)

Update: after googling for a while I discovered that this is called a flower iron, I can get a kit from the USA, but will hold off to see if anyone knows where I can get one in Aus.

Holly and I went to Broadway to finally send those parcels, and for her to drop her C.V. with any likely employers, and then went to town to visit Kinokuniya to buy that corsage book I have been thinking about. I can't read the words, but I can figure out the diagrams, the one thing I don't know is ...this, could someone please tell me what it is and where I can get one, I figure you paint the petals with size or starch,and then use this heated device to shape them...HELP please!!

the recipe for the cupcakes is here if you look around her site you will find some nice frostings too.