Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Tagged by Donna

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?
A couple of weeks ago I would have said a nice DK Alpaca, but now it is definitely the Naturally Kid et Soie, so soft with a deep sheen, and not at all itchy.

Your favourite needles?
Depends on the yarn, clover bamboos, and circular addi turbos, my favourite sock needles of all time are a set of lime green plastic coated Inox 2mm.

The worst thing you've ever knit?
Hmmmm, a silver lycra bikini…but that was at Tech so experimentation was encouraged, a thick ankle length skirt in dark red DK…it ended up being a cat bed.

Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it but it was the most fun to knit.
This jumper, from a picture drawn by Holly when she was about 6, so cute to see my kids wearing their own artwork.

Most valuable knitting technique
Definitely kitchener stitch, and knitting on dpns…cos it looks impressive!

Best knitting book or magazine?
Interweave is my favourite magazine

Your favourite knit-along?
Haven’t joined one yet, am afraid I would be able to keep up!

Favourite knitblogs?
There are too many, check out my blogroll

Favourite knitwear designer?
Kim Hargreaves is cool, and I like White Lies designs

The knit item that you wear the most. (how 'bout a picture of it?)
Recently it’s a toss up between knitted socks and my Imogen cardi, getting too hot now though.

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