Tuesday, November 22, 2005

baby tiger socks

I have been somewhat remiss on the blog front lately, life has overwhelmed me again. The job is once again boring in its awfulness, my workmates are wonderful, we are three "sane inmates of the asylum" but I am amazed at how childish other so called "professional people" can be, and it is wearing. I used to work with victims of domestic abuse, and in a small way, I can relate, I have become so used to the bad behaviour that it almost seems normal. I had agreed to stay, but I can't see myself lasting much longer.

Holly is still here, which is wonderful, but the homesickness lingers, my Dad had a heart attack, thats what my Mum came to tell me...last week was rough, I just wanted to go home. He is fine, he has had an angioplasty, has the right drugs, a nutritionist working with him intensively, convincing him that it is ok to eat 6 meals a day!

However some things stay constant, sock knitting continues, albeit on a reduced scale...close your eyes Sharon!

on a more positive note, my friend Geri is arriving from NZ tomorrow, and I have thursday and friday off work! so we are going to spend a day at the zoo ( I am a zoo dawdler...the kids and Flash can't stand it...but Geri is the same as me) and a day hanging out, I'll take her to King St we can go shopping, eat noodles, drink coffee and talk and talk, I can show her the city I have a love/hate relationship with, and feel less homesick, and more connected. I don't think she knits...yet.