Sunday, January 01, 2006


it wouldn't be a New Year in our house without new happy cats ( I know it isn't Chinese New Year yet - gives me the chance to get some more) these little guys are smaller than a peanut.

The New Year holds promise and excitement - changes to be made - adventures planned or unplanned, I don't make resolutions - it tends to lead to failure in my experience, but I do hold with the "new slate" theory - out with the old and in with the new.

Here in the glasshouse we are excited to have Charlotte returning soon, sad to be seeing Holly go, but excited to be spectators on the next stage of her journey, looking forward to a trip home, thinking of selling a house, re-assessing my career plans, lots of exciting changes, all working towards a common goal - using our time and resources to ensure a more balanced existence.

Last year was a rollercoaster of homesickness and discovery, we left our comfort zone completely to follow a dream, I started this blog, and met some lovely, kind and inspiring people, Mary-Helen, Alison and Monica welcomed me to SSK, which is a unique, eclectic and vocal group of opinionated, passionate knitters. Donna's Australian and New Zealand knit bloggers list in turn brought Donni, Ailsa and Sharon into my life, I love that drive to Wollongong - an hour or so to myself singing too loudly, or contemplating future projects, and Donni's visits to Sydney - introducing me to a wider and wider sphere of local craftspeople, positively pressuring me to use my talents, and just general and constant chatting...I have missed the company of my girlfriends, of whom I had complete support systems in both Auckland and Waihi, in Sydney I have tended to shy away from potential friendships as I know that one day I will leave and it will hurt more - I know that is a silly way to live and am confident that I will overcome my self-imposed barrier.
Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers I have met online, to those who have encouraged and provided assistance, the beautiful gifts I have received from virtual strangers, and the fun I have had creating gifts in return, the comments and emails which have encouraged me (who would have known that little fortune cat would have gone so far!), this is an infinitely positive and creative medium, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Happy New Year!