Wednesday, January 04, 2006


you don't really think about things until you don't have them - like grass, it's a pain, you have to mow it, water it, remove weeds, sometimes you get bindis, and don't talk to me about prickle grass, the great NZ summer with all the kids limping along the grass verge on the way to the beach. However, it is summer, and summer to me is morning coffee on the back porch, reading the paper and watching the cat roll around in a dust bath. Wine in the evening on the front porch, chatting to neighbours as they stroll past on their evening walks, the air redolent with the smell of freshly mown grass.
We haven't had a garden for 15 months (apart from the pot of basil which I'm ashamed to say, isn't faring too well) I haven't missed the work - in Auckland we had 502 square metres, which was manageable, but Waihi is 1200 square metres, which was pushing it, I could have had a pony (or a couple of sheep...)!
Now that I have identified this yearning, I have set about healing it, the kids and I were off to sit in the park on a blanket, we have books and knitting, and the cafe is close enough for one of them to go get take outs, we can smell the grass, enjoy limited sun, and relax - I said "were", the sun seems to have disappeared, we may have to postpone until tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it.

there has been knitting:
Trekking XXL socks - finished

Fleece Artist socks - 1/4 finished - Nancy Bush's Rib and Cable pattern - Fall IK these are for Blaise as I have knitted too tightly for them to fit anyone else, hopefully I will remember NOT to relax while knitting the second sock! The Fleece Artist is nice to knit with, there is a bit too much orange in this colourway for me - but Blaise likes it, problem with the first skein when I tried to wind, it was tied incorrectly, and after hours of patiently trying to unwind it, I ended up with total spaghetti, I was devastated, and when it came time to unwind this skein I was terrified it would happen again, but no, this one behaved like every other skein I have ever wound - perfectly.

and there has been swatching, the handspun from Tinonee, I swatched for it yesterday, and have spent half of this morning frantically trying to recall the amazing vest design I created while I was drifting off to sleep last night! I know that it is going to be "v" neck, almost mid-length and no rib, but I can't remember the little details which were going to make it fantastic, isn't that always the way.

Sales are on big time here, I have stayed away (trying to be good due to the decrease in income) but was waylaid yesterday by 60% off Hollywood knits (liking the "Matrix" sweater) and Simple Chic, while I was there I had to grab the air freighted winter IK (am definitely considering a subscription) today I definitely have to stay home and earn my keep.