Wednesday, January 11, 2006


not much happening at Chez lotsakids, I had a job interview this morning, I think it went well, but will not tie myself up in knots, whatever will be, will be, however, if it is to be, it will be
- a big change for me, careerwise, because it is not a career type job, but I think something that will be a whole lot more fulfilling, will update.

Knitting progress is being made, have been playing around with decreases, how to make them look right etc, found this great site which you probably all have bookmarked already, but if not...go there! this woman is a goddess. I am so grateful to everyone who shares their knowledge so that we all have this great resource at our fingertips, the decreases are on a baby cardi I am designing, in the old days it would have taken me ages to work out or find out these sometimes obscure techniques,now they are just a click away.

Wisteria Craft in Miranda Westfield are closing down, they are not sure when, just whenever they are told to pack up, but if you live close by get in there and buy something to help them out, I picked up a pile of Susan Bates anodised straights and dpns for 1/2 price, it is such a pity that these stores are closing, as I mentioned to Donni, some of these malls don't even have bookshops let alone yarn shops... they have 10 phone shops, 5 gaming shops, 20 "cut price, plastic crap,variety shops" and no bloody bookshops (excuse my rant)

Thank you thank you to Annie, who made me a beautiful Christmas tea-towel, which I opened on Christmas day, and have just packed away for next Christmas, Flash was quite overwhelmed that you actually made it for me...he is just starting to get the hang of this online friend thing, and is very impressed.

I am baking for Flash's management team meeting tomorrow - the joys of being a housewife! dark chocolate and cherry cookies, and good old oatmeal and raisin, so I'll leave you now with a picture of a present from Flash...loving these colours.