Monday, January 23, 2006

Endings and beginnings

this post is not as deep as the title suggests.

Here we have finished objects ( please clap politely)

The Panta - knit with one ball of Rare Yarns Cocoon (merino,silk,alpaca,mohair blend) in "jade"
it came out too long, so I have decreased the number of rows in a repeat from 16 to 14(her head is 22 inches around in Panta terms)
I had to rip this back 3x to get the decreases looking right (i.e. not showing) finally nailed it with help from fellow SSK-ers.

Next we have the finished thrummed mittens for
Holly, I love these, I used my ordinary kitten mitten pattern (in the sidebar) and knitted pencil thin lengths of roving in on every 4th row,every 3rd stitch, this left a float between each stitch (like fairisle) which I fluffed up when the mittens were finished.
I have promised Holly bedsocks with a thrummed sole next, but I am thinking a thrummed hat might be better in the weather she is going too! These were fun and quick to make (less than a day each....with at least a mon th in between!) using 1 ball of Noro silkgarden and approximately 15g Fleece Artist roving.

In order to avoid 1/2 finished projects I am trialling this method of making socks...2 at once, (no Donni I have not managed the 2 socks on 2 circs pattern from Knitpicks yet...but I have printed it, and bought the 2 circs, and they are all sitting together with the yarn, so next time!) you knit the rib of one, then the rib of the second sock, the first 20 rows of the one, the first 20 rows of the other, you get the picture, so you are never more than 20 or so rows further along on the first sock, and the "second sock syndrome" becomes "second toe syndrome" much easier to cure. Opal Petticoat - where were you when my girls wore kneesocks? they would have adored you, now you are destined for my Granny.