Sunday, January 15, 2006

a Mother's heart

I wasn't going to post today, not much going on, still working on that pattern I promised yesterday.

Blaise came to me tonight and uttered those magical words "could you please teach me to knit?"
YES! yes oh yes! I was sure she would be the one to withstand the temptations of the yarn...she is the musician, the actress, but no, there were these "darling little wristwarmers" YES! I leapt up and within a trice had soft pale pink pure wool dk, and electric blue steel needles, ( I cast on and knit the first few rows) and then sat her on my knee (she's tiny for almost 15) and, well, taught her to knit, as I write this she has knitted 6 rows, she is going great guns!

As she turned the needles again, for yet another row, I whispered the words from the opening of the Cast-on podcast "Knit - knit like the wind" her reply - "would a gentle breeze do?"
yes my dear, it will for now - but soon you will be knitting up a storm!

here it is, the picture to warm my heart - 2 of my girls knitting, we are now a majority!