Monday, January 30, 2006


as always has been cutting into my knitting time, however, there is light now as the girls prepare to return to school, oh bliss! Last week became very busy, very quickly, thursday (Australia Day) was good, we finished the evening on the roof, watching the fireworks, Holly and her friend Sean were at the Big Day Out, and the other girls were in town at the festivities.

friday was supposed to be relaxing, Flash had an 8.30 appointment at the dentist, and a day off work, he came out of the dentist with another appointment for 3.15...fine, at 2.40 Charlotte was told that she had a job interview at 3.3o, we were not expecting her to be interviewed until the next week, so had not prepared, we leapt into the car, off to the Mall for black pants, and a pretty blouse (try shopping for a size 4 - thats US size 1?-with no time) and no time for shoe shopping, so she borrowed some from her sister, and then I dropped her in the city for the interview (she did very well, found the correct building and managed to catch the bus home, despite never having been in the city alone before) Flash had to walk to the dentist, 3.30 I had a call from him, "can you pick me up" - yes in 10 minutes - "no worries I'll walk home".

Arrived home, Flash in a sorry state, has just called the dentist and has to go back immediately, tooth has fallen out, Holly and Sean have to be at the International airport for flight to NZ at (check in is 4pm) Blaise is not home yet to see Holly off and her cellphone is switched off, Charlotte is somewhere in the city without a cellphone, Mummy is torn between everyone- so goes into organisational overdrive - Maria has a key and is at work, so Charlotte can get in the house, get Holly, Sean, Flash and bags into car, take Flash to dentist, wait 10 minutes, resist Champion textiles sale, take poor Flash home, drive to airport, pick Blaise up from friend's place, luckily near airport, Blaise very happy, collapse at airport and refuse to move until restorative amounts of coffee ingested, see my darling girl off, and for once I don't cry (well, I'll be seeing her again in a week!) phone home to see how Flash is bearing up - and discover Charlotte is home safe and well, with a positive interview experience under her belt...Blaise and I sing Exponents songs all the way home, and find Flash happily doped up and tucked up on the couch.

I did not get the job I applied for, I am not willing to work fulltime,they are not willing to employ a part-timer, so there we go...happily this led to a series of events which will result in the fulfilment of a couple of wishes, and the offer to be a "kept woman" for a while - my dear husband has suggested that maybe I start designing again, rather than seeking souless employment (you can tell my megalomaniac boss has spooked me can't you) and I am warming to the idea, I have agreed to do 60% of the housework unless (until) things get crazy, and he has agreed to remain calm if the house looks like a tornado hit if I am really into something. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me, I was getting myself into a spin worrying about work, now I don't have to worry so much.

One of my biggest regrets is that I did not take many photos of the garments I made and sold, I have a few in storage, in NZ, but most of my notebooks and patterns have gone, I thought that part of my life was over...I am never ever giving any of this stuff away again!! We had a disk with photos of my last designs, but can't find it since the move, I can only hope it is in storage too.

On the knitting front, the Opal petticoat socks are over half-finished, I have turned both heels, and have completed the gusset on one, so next I am knitting the second gusset, knitting them both at the same time does seem to be working for me. I am not too enamoured of the petticoat, I had expected it to be more pastel-y, I find the lime green sets my teeth on edge a bit, however they are not for me, so I will just move on.