Thursday, January 19, 2006

finally I can put my feet up

to your right is a brand new button, click on it and it will take you to my latest free offering, I made the prototypes just after Christmas,and sent them to a friend in NZ.I have spent the past 2 days knitting these samples and writing the patterns. In the patterns I am taking a bit for-granted...that you will know how to arrange a 3x1 rib for instance! anyway, there they are...enjoy, and knit now for the yoga enthusiast in your life, get a jump-start on next Christmas!

This week has been hectic, Charlotte arrived home on sunday, and is settling in, I visited the "girls in the 'gong" on Tuesday and was entertained with the GOOD china (beautiful) cakes, cookies, a yummy lunch and good vino,I had a fabulous time, and so nice to talk knitting, get advice, and support, I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

Home is not a quiet place, even with Flash in Melbourne, Maria at camp and Holly working from feels as though there is just too much happening and I am feeling overwhelmed...hard to blog when your husband is on the phone, 2 t.v.s are on with doors open, and a kid is sitting, waiting for the computer...have you ever been stared at by a waiting teenager, very unsettling!

I am off to finish knitting Blaise's Panta, (alright I haven't joined the panta-along...I've joined in spirit if not in fact) fingers crossed I finish it before tomorrow.