Friday, January 13, 2006

this is not a baking blog!

really, I just looks that way!

yesterday I received a gift from a wonderful lady Danielle, which just blew me away... this cute decorated parcel, and inside a beautiful card, and the most darling little stitch markers...combined my love of eating and my love of knitting into the perfect wee gift. The name of the artist is Michael Parkes I love his use of colour, all of those different blues. Thank you so much Danielle, I appreciate your grace and thoughtfulness.

knitting content - almost zero, I am knitting...frantically knitting...but it is all secret since 1/2 the family read the blog, I am working on a free pattern though, and it will be up quite soon. I figured the best way to deal with next Christmas, is to start knitting the Christmas presents NOW, then pack them safely away and feel all virtuous when December rolls around again (do not, I say, DO NOT burst my bubble!)

I contacted a real (not fake) estate agent yesterday, he is going around to the Auckland house today to give us an appraisal (and we get the house checked out as well, which is a bonus) so it may well be on the market by this weekend, we won't miss it, none of us ever really liked it, but it served it's purpose well, and is in a good school zone, so, well...fingers crossed. It is a concrete step towards the realisation of our dreams and goals. The dreams and goals where we renovate and extend (in a sympathetic manner) our turn -of-the-previous-century villa in the country, and build a quaker-style barn up the back of the garden so that Mummy can design and knit all day, while looking out over the river and the hills beyond...ok, so it is still a few years off, but like I said, at least we are taking steps towards it.