Monday, June 26, 2006

alright now

Blaise had a bad week, the tonsils got worse, they looked disgusting, I can't understand how Doctors can think that something that looks that disgusting should be allowed to remain in your body. However, none of them looked terribly surprised, so I followed their lead and remained nonplussed in front of her.
We saw our family Dr on wednesday after the emergency GP on sunday, Blaise wasn't getting any better, so a change of antibiotics, a shot of penicillin in the bum, and a blood test were called for, and that was the last straw for Blaise.
With her almost grownup brain Blaise understood that a blood test was required and would be over quickly, unfortunately she has memories from 4 years ago - being admitted to hospital for major surgery 3 times , and having to have all of the bloodwork done the day prior, Doctors not being able to get blood out of her tiny body, trying up to 10 different places, 4 adults holding her down, and one time squeezing blood out of a hole in her thumb for 20 minutes.
The surgery was cancelled at the last minute twice - a lack of paediatric intensive care beds - and each time we returned she tried to bargain with them "you can use the blood from last time right?" "I don't feel sick - see" running and jumping around. Sitting with her when she came round from surgery and the joy in her face when she realised she had a central line in - ahhh, no more blood tests.
So, that was what she was up against, she wept silently as the big Nigerian nurse gently punctured her arm and swiftly changed vials, before she knew it, she was being handed a sticky plaster - "it's over?" yay all over, a new positive memory to dampen the old negative memories.

I have people to thank,

firstly to Rox who must think her parcel never arrived - beautiful dye-your-own laceweight - a whole hank and loads of KoolAid, Holly and I are going to play at mad scientist artists this week, thank you Rox!!

and also to Jade, who really has to stop fretting, you are the most wonderful, sweet person.

Jad made me the sweetest knitting bag, striped denim/chambray lined with a sweet pink print, and a matching stitchmarker pouch, I managed to take a photo of the pecan/walnut praline before they were devoured - all my favourite flavours - vanilla, caramel, pecan - I was in heaven. A Creative Knitting (not the Aussie one) mag that I have never seen before and a Lion Brand book of re-worked vintage patterns, which I adore. What I loved beyond all else though was the " Officer Jussi of the Knitting Police" badge (and Jade isn't a knitter, but she still "gets" us!!!!) it's not the grumpy "you can't do that" knitting police - here is the oath from the back of the badge

I solemnly swear to appreciate that which I make with my own hands,

and to not waste one second of time worrying what others may think of my efforts

If it is good enough for me, it is good enough.

I am my own Knitting Police!

I'll be flashing it all over the place Jade.