Monday, June 05, 2006

a gap in the weather

Flash and I ducked out yesterday afternoon and visited the infamous Gap Bluff at the inlet to Sydney Harbour, "The Gap" is legendary as a preferred location for dramatic suicides, however being decidedly unsuicidal despite the inclement weather, we chose to wander around, take photos, watch tourists (climbing rocks in high heels -what is with that, did the woman think the guy would find her less attractive if she wore sneakers??) The sea below the cliffs was thunderous, dark blue grey smashing into the rocks and changing momentarily to a glowing aquamarine before spraying white and rolling back to icy flint, discussion quietly centred around the levels of desperation required to fling yourself into that churning cauldron - a conversation which continued over coffee and cake in the cosy tearooms at the base of the park
I gave "The Gap" an 8 out of 10, it scored well on breathtaking vistas, pounding seas, moody fogbanks and continental apple cake (spicy!) but was slightly let down by ignorant tourists being shepherded by rude tourguides and the destruction of Aboriginal rock art by the military (yes I know it was a long time ago).
It also scored well on drama - I love visiting windswept places and wrapping myself in my black trenchcoat, black scarf around my head, and sunglasses to protect my eyes from windborne debris, "so elegant she must be famous" I heard someone whisper , "yes - Brangelina are so yesterday, thats the new celebrity couple *Gorjus" replied her friend.
(any similarity to the truth is purely co-incidental, your author is day-dreaming)
*Gordon and Justine - cute huh!

Now to redeem myself, here is the "Petal bib" from the book "One Skein". I knitted it in 2 hours last night, a very quick and satisfying knit, beautifully constucted and a nice introduction to short rows for people who may find them scarey. I used approximately 30 grams of Anchor magic line cotton, I think it looks nicer plain, but made do with what I had lying around. I'll make a couple more and send them off to my sister for Maisie, I don't know how well they will cope with babymush, but are very absorbent, so will be a good dribble-bib...and pretty good for peek-a-boo too.

remember this saturday is worldwide KIP (knitting in public) day, at the Sidewalk Cafe at the Opera House (from Circular Quay, just keep walking towards the Opera House keeping the water on your left, until you find the knitters) the more the merrier, and it will be wonderful to meet the faces behind the words.