Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hollydays in June

Holly (eldest child) called me early on monday morning (very very early - Sydney is 2 hours behind Christchurch) she has exams this week, and the one on monday was cancelled due an excess of snow, the powers that be had intimated that they may hold the exam on saturday - the day that loads of students flee the freezing city by air, train or car (anyway they can really) we were worried, the flights are fully booked, no changes possible, we didn't want wee Holls freezing her poor miserable butt off in Christchurch - thankfully commonsense overwhelmed the administrators and the exam has been rebooked for friday.

Holly has seen and touched snow, but has never lived with it, so we received the inevitable photo - the Hudson Hall mascot - built by kids who should be studying -come on people!

thats some funky snowman.

And lest you think I have not been busy enough lately - here is a taste

better get back to it, I have a very demanding boss.