Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy hands

Holly goes home tomorrow - we will miss her, I feel bad that we haven't done all of the things we had planned, as we had to stay home while Blaise was ill, still Holly is her Mother's daughter and made the most of it, as well as watching over 60 episodes of "Scrubs" every Monty Python dvd ever made, and a daily dose of "The princess bride" to keep Blaise company, she worked away at a patchwork bag of her own design, and numerous peices of jewellery.

the bag has patchwork on both sides, striped chambray lining and a knitted garter stitch handle in thick cotton, Holly took to my collection of fabric with abandon and exuberance, combining an eclectic mixture into a visually appealing peice.

I professed my love for this peice

but I have made a resolution not to buy any more jewellery until I deserve it...

so Holly made me a substitute, just as sweet!