Wednesday, June 21, 2006

really ill but not fully sick*

Blaise is ill.

I made that a sentence by itself because it is such a rare event, Blaise has not been ill since she was 4, and then she had whooping cough. I took her to the emergency GP on sunday, we waited an hour, explained the symptoms on the way to his office and were out again in 1 minute - "say "ahh" oh yep that's tonsilitis".
She has been miserable, her "word of the day"(description) for the past 3 days has been "festering" poor wee thing, utterly, heartbreakingly sad at missing school, missing her friends, feeling so sick, sleeping on the couch with her patchwork quilt and Uncle Doug the bear, because she doesn't want to be alone, and is watching 3 series of "Scrubs" ( I think thats more than 60 episodes - I feel I am being assimilated into their world)when she can't sleep.
I am slightly stressed, I can't fix my child's pain and that is distressing, I have parcels to go out, and haven't got to the Post office, I have a husband who feels that sick people belong in their beds and are happier left alone (he is trying hard to understand) and I had planned outings with Holly that I can't fulfill - I feel torn in 20 directions.
So I am submitting, I will do my work, clean the house, and catch up with Holly, but my first priority is to sit on the couch with my baby and cuddle her, because I know it works.

* "fully sick" a colloquialism meaning "really good" often associated with aussie elite swimmer Ian Thorpe