Monday, June 12, 2006

Knitting in public

We made it! There were times during the day when I thought I really should stay at home and look after Flash, but he was up and about and raring to get out of the house. He went shopping while I knitted.

we met at the Sidewalk cafe at the Sydney Opera house, I think about 20 people turned up, it was interesting watching the reactions of passers-by, many were intrigued, some stopped, talked, even knitted for a while, others looked on with distaste, people are funny.

shot with the Harbour bridge in the background and Clair (e) in the foreground, I didn't know everyone there, and wanted to visit people's knitting, but was still feeling a bit fragile after Flash's stuff, it's amazing the way things can knock you around isn't it? Anyway he is fitter than fit, you see his body (and multidirectional Noro scarf) standing behind Veronica in this photo on Kris's site, you can also see more photos at the SSK site.

Interesting: the Opera House car park machines have instructions in English, German , French and Swedish - I took it that this is because the architect Jorn Utzon was Swedish and so many Swedes would want to check the place out - but he wasn't, he was Danish, so I am left wondering.

And to Lara - I bought the plastic cover before I bought anything else, thanks for the tip!