Saturday, June 10, 2006

A is for

Angioplasty, which is the name of the socks I am currently knitting. A month ago I knitted the anniversary socks for Flash for our third wedding anniversary, and have decided to knit him a pair of socks for every big event in our lives (no there will not be any "baby" socks!). Flash had an angioplasty and stent on thursday, (he had one 7 years ago - very bad genes) so he knew what to expect, I just stayed with him and knitted and worried quietly.
All went so well that the surgeon said that he could go to the Split Enz concert the day of his discharge, and we did (which would have great except that we had some idiot girls from Gore sitting behind us who decided it would be fun to give a loud running commentary of the whole concert - yes I did turn around and ask them nicely to be quiet, no it didn't work - (would that be "B is for Bogans.)
So we need a "C" - Cyril Cullen my parents visited Farney Castle a few days ago, and met Cyril's wife and had a good old chat for hours, she has sent me a book about him, which I can't wait to read - apparently he is a porcelain artist as well as a knitwear designer, and I am fascinated to learn more about how they seperate the colours when spinning the wool from the Jacobs sheep, my Mum has met lots of people and had some adventures over the years in her hunt for yarn for me, she loves the tactile nature of yarns and fabrics more than the act of crafting so we are a good team.

I am off to knit in public at the Opera House this afternoon, the weather is looking a little dodgy, but I know we will have fun, at least we are not knitting next door in the Botanical Gardens - where guys like this try to take your yarn, needles, bag - anything that isn't tied down!

(gratuitous cockatoo shot)