Tuesday, June 05, 2007

7 random things

I have taken a pledge not to do any more memes...but I have a soft spot for Lara

1. to this day I remember the faces of the pixies I saw in the outhouse of the cottage we stayed at in Wales when I was very small. There were 3 of them - they are not the same ones who lived behind the headboard in my bedroom in Gloucester.

2. I can't eat olives - I try, but I can't.

3. I like it that my husband goes away quite a lot - I feel guilty, but I love being alone for short lengths of time. I think this comes from having 9 years alone just the girls and I, it also means that he doesn't feel so bad for me while he is away.

4. I can only sleep in 2 positions, on my back or on my left side. I have to have the sheet over my exposed ear so that "the ghosts" don't whisper in my ears when I am asleep...yes I know it is stupid, but when I was 7 years old Stephen Jennings from over the road told me that's what they do...and it became a habit.

5. I have no tolerance for people who don't like garlic - I don't know why, but it just makes me want to feed them garlic to make them realise how good it is, my Granny says "it doesn't have garlic in does it?" and I say "noooooo" (fingers crossed) and she eats it and loves it, I'm kind of a benign garlic dictator.

6. I love to drive - I drive safely, but love to get out on the road and plant my foot, I can't wait to take the LandRover off-road and see what it can do, and despite my comments about Flash's car, driving it is an amazing experience. I may be gawky and clumsy on land,but when I am driving my brain and body seem to finally sync, my reflexes are razor-sharp and my reaction times are legendary - even Charlotte says "skills Mum!"

7. If Flash came home tomorrow with a job offer in Oz, I would jump at it - weird given the amount of sulking and whingeing I indulged in over the 2.5 years we were there - I love NZ, the country is spectacular, and I missed my family so much - but Australia has an attitude of success, whereas NZ has an attitude of entitlement - I am generalising greatly here, but unfortunately the welfare system in NZ is so seductive, we have inter-generational poverty and unemployment because people are so afraid to step out of the safety net. I worry about my children's future if they stay in NZ, unless there are some radical changes - as the number of people being supported by every worker is growing all the time.

I'm not picking anyone - feel free to do this meme yourself.