Thursday, June 07, 2007

moving right along...

from yesterday (oh and THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!)

don't get me wrong, I love New Zealand - it truly is the most beautiful country on Earth, that's why we call it Godzone. I am happy to be home, and settled into our new old life (I keep writing "2004" on documents at work because thats when I brain seems to have stuck!) I travel the same route, just from a different house, however, life is harder here - the cost of living is higher, even though our tax is lower, the higher rates kick in earlier, electricity and food are definitely more expensive. We are fine and happy, and home is where Flash and the kids are of course (except when he is away!) I just want to be honest about what I feel.

It's pouring with rain here, I have a stinking head cold, and just want to crawl into bed with my test knitting, but have to go and buy firewood and pick the girls up from school, Blaise is an ace firestarter, so I'll be able to go to bed once we are back home - I've already made beetroot pesto again to mix into fettucine tonight - it went down reasonably well last time, half of this family just aren't as enthusiastic about vegies as they should be!

I'm boring myself - go see Jessica over at Indexed her venn diagrams and graphs are hilarious and thought provoking - go, go now before I start posting Frasier photos!