Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday round up

so - all week i have had the kind of headcold they have on the TV ads, the kind where you just keep taking the pills and you can "soldier on" so to speak - I felt a bit spacey, and my ears were blocked, so I felt like I was underwater...but I went to work etc. However, now I remember there were things I meant to tell the "rugby thing" how did that go ? hmmm

NZ won against the French - the game was very bad, even people who love rugby agreed that the game was very bad...we were served dinner at 12.45am...I was kinda no longer hungry, and hadn't had any alcohol, so was quite bored, unlike the rest of them who were partying up large and loud...oh and Flash dropped our good camera...onto concrete...luckily he only broke the sunfilter lens,but he will not be allowed that camera again! I was very well behaved in the face of adversity. (the muesli bars helped) I also enjoyed the fact that I was seated next to a large contingent of French fans - they gave the place a bit of culture!

Cute secret knitting continues a-pace, so cute and so easy to knit...except for last night, when I actually did manage to curl up in bed with John Safran (vs God - the tv series on DVD) my knitting, and Layla (previously known as the good cat) I'm knitting away happily, watching John work his way through various religions (and try on Mormon undergarments) when suddenly I came to the end of my yarn..."weird" thought I, I could swear I've only used 1/4 of the ball...and then I realised, Layla (the good cat) was not really asleep, she was pretending to be asleep, while secretly chewing on my yarn....I don't know which is worse, Layla quietly undermining me, or Frasier's new trick - he launches himself at my backside from the top of the stairs when I am halfway down the stairs, and invariably pulls my pyjama pants down, it is very undignified.

Frasier has also taken to stealing...first it was a wire coathanger which I found he had dragged onto the front lawn (through the cat door no less!), next Flash saw a green streak as Frasier ran past him in the hallway...he was making off with a decent sized bag of cat treats! We are worried that he may extend his nefarious ways to the neighbourhood as I have heard many exotic cats do...I'm very concerned that he may drag back one of the nextdoor neighbour's chihuahuas...he is bigger than them already!

thank you for the nice emails back from people who have purchased yarn - as I said, now send the photos of what you make!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, the girls and I are baching it until sunday, with Flash away, so we'll keep the fire stoked, the DVD player humming, and Blaise baking cookies, who knows I may not wear day clothes at all this weekend ( except to The Knit Rangers - meeting on Sunday - I promise I will not wear my jammas)