Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday round up

Not much minutiae this week, but I'll try:
  • NZ really is this small - go welcome Rachel - kiwi knitbloggers are a rare breed, we knew one another (cough, cough) years ago, I found her blog through another NZ blog - look out Donna, we NZ-ers could almost form our own breakaway Ring!
  • My contract was renewed for another 3 months yesterday - great news, more money for France! Apparently this could go on for years, I don't mind, I love working part-time, just when I think I can't take another minute - it's 2pm and I'm done for the day.
  • Why is it that for every sale I make, I get 10 phonecalls or emails from people trying to get me to buy advertising, obviously the advertising I am buying is working really attracting advertising salesmen!
  • I need Supernanny for cats, Maria says that I am Frasier's drug, because he can be sleeping happily, but then when he hears my voice he leaps up and starts screaming until he finds me - I told her "no, I'm his Mummy, and he is a toddler" a toddler who sits outside the bathroom door screaming while I pee, or outside the shower screaming while I wash - I have given in and let him in the shower now...(he's a Bengal people - he likes water)
  • Please go and drool over Jae's Palawan Peacock shawl, which my favourite Ailsa is test knitting. It is extremely beautiful - I think of all my poor lace wip's stuffed down the bottom of my knitting bag, and think "could I just drop them for this shawl, am I that fickle?" and the answer is a resounding, deafening YES! yes I am.
  • I'm doing all of my sewing up this weekend, so I don't end up being caught out like last time with my market knitting, I've made lots of cuteiful little possum pants, and I'm thinking maybe a couple of possum scarves for the not so little people.
  • I'm also thinking of making up some kits for a jacket a bit like the Spirited jacket, but with my hand dye, does a kit need needles? what do you guys think? I was going to put in the pattern/yarn/buttons/label/needles (only one size is needed) because I thought that the hotel guests may be more likely to buy them if the needles are included.
  • Finally, here is an okay photo of that "80's eye makeup" hand painted yarn

liquid eyeliner anyone? electric blue mascara?