Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday round up

  • there are many possum hats, they are threatening to take over the studio! So I took the only course of action open to me - I have paired them with the possum pants and released them into the wild. They sat there for a while trying to disappear into the greenery, wasn't going to happen so I took pity on them and brought them back into the warm, hopefully thay will find new homes this weekend.

  • This the red thing I have knitting in my "spare time" finally finished and if I get a chance to finish the pattern this weekend it will be off to it's new home next week.This turned out almost exactly as I had hoped - love it when things fall into place.
  • If you get the Titirangi Tatler - look out for an article on Just Jussi and the Knit Rangers, nothing like a bit of free publicity to swell the numbers.
  • Speaking of which, I will be at the market until around 1.30 pm on Sunday, so Sarah, if you or anyone else wants a lift, drop in and see me at the Stamford Plaza, I'll then be racing out to the Knit Rangers gathering - remember it is 2pm, this Sunday at the Packing Shed cafe (directions on the Knit Rangers site) My Mama and Flash will take over and stay until the markets close.
  • We'll have lots of yarn available - handpainted light DK and 4ply superwash merino.
  • Holly arrives this sunday - yay a week of Mummy/daughter bonding time!