Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday round up

this week has been one of playing catch up and dealing with "The List" the peice of memo cube paper I carry in my handbag everywhere - not on the PDA, not in the laptop, not even in the diary...just a tiny peice of paper with writing on both sides, and finally there are more lines through errands than not.

I got the Knit Rangers blog up and running - yay!, please feel free to add it to any Stitch and Bitch lists you may have - you never know when someone is going to visit NZ and need some knitting time.

I sent Donna's present off a whole DAY before her birthday...not much solace when she lives at least 4 days post away (really have to get my act together with mail...note to self) Please go say Happy Birthday for yesterday to help make up for my tardiness.

I finally put in a claim with our health insurance only to discover that our agent gave us a good policy - but it didn't include the extras I wanted included...and the company won't backdate, as it was the agent's fault not theirs...gah!
Next job - reorganising my studio - believe it or not I still do not have enough room! I need more storage.

I re-finished this wonderful old suitcase - see the wooden strapping and brass fittings, $10 from the Sallies - ok it needed a clean, and re-lining, but now it has pride of place under the cutting table filled to overflowing with fabric and sock yarn.

the "Great Dividing bookcase" between Flash's side of the room and mine...full.

I can't show you anymore...the story is the same...full, full, full...I am taking all of the equipment boxes and putting them in the room under the stairs, maybe that will help, or maybe I should start taking over Flash's study...

It is a long weekend here - Queen's birthday (not her real birthday mind you, just her "official" birthday...what's up with that?) Flash and I are off to the rugby tomorrow night - I am practising being enthusiastic - I will be channelling my basketball watching self...GO THE BLACKS! I am also practising being a good CEO's wife, because goodness knows I don't know the first thing about actually being a good CEO's wife. I have a first aid kit containing muesli bars, water bottle, rescue remedy, panadol, my i-pod and a teeny bottle of absolut vodka - to stave off my two main "grumpy Jussi" causes - boredom and hunger...(yes the husband has banned my knitting for the evening...he will pay...actually I do have to laugh reading that sentence because the husband would never, ever say "I ban your knitting" he actually just suggested that it would not be appropriate...on the phone...from another country.

I have also started releasing Frasier into the wild for a couple of hours each day - so scarey for us, so wonderful for him... we had planned for him to be an indoor cat, but he has different ideas, we were worried about him being run over, even though the road is pretty quiet, and catching native birds ( he has 2 bells to stop this happening) and getting lost (collar with name and phone number) he is so happy chasing Layla all over the garden, climbing trees, chasing grass, and then he pops back inside and is so affectionate - as though he is saying "Thank you for letting me go outside". Here is a cheesy pic of the boy - I think it is how he would look in a school photo!