Thursday, June 14, 2007

yet more yarn

Darned NZ light means I can't find anywhere in the house to take photos without glare! I dyed another 30 skeins yesterday, mostly in the colours I'm selling on the website, but I did try out a few ideas: above - this photo can't quite capture the blue greens of the yarn, I'm calling this one "West Coast breakers" because that is exactly what it looks like, I love it so much I'm keeping it to make socks. The greens below are the colours of my vegie garden and almost as yummy.

No prizes for guessing who the garment made from this yarn is going to be for, and in case Mummy feels left out, I dyed up some laceweight for her too. I'm calling this one "Pinata!"

I haven't been able to get a good enough photo of the last experiment, basically it is underpainted with jewel bright pinks/blues/purples and overpainted with black, the colours peek through the black and charcoal - I'm calling it "80's eye makeup" because it reminds me of those Revlon eyeshadows from the 80's, you chose the case, then mix and matched the shadows, the first 2 I bought were electric blue and hot pink...stylish.