Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday round up

  • It is COLD here...I know it is cold in Sydney too...I don't like the cold. I wore my scarf all day at work yesterday.
  • The day before I wore my Clapotis all day - and told a few people at work where to get the pattern.
  • I have taught one person to knit and shown one person how to do intarsia this week (well I showed her on sunday - but I wasn't a good teacher - so I showed her properly at lunchtime) I am happy to wear the "enabler" label!
  • Holly is here and it is lovely to see her, and she passed her "Q-mit" ??? (is that correct Holls?) the hardest exam at Lincoln - once again I am very proud. She did tell me that she has moved out of home though...which I didn't know...I mean, I know that she is living in Christchurch - but I thought that was just because she was at Uni - but no, apparently from now on she is only home to visit - wow, that was easy!
  • I have no photos - we have a battery monster in our house, all of our batteries have to find the person with the DS lite in our house...(quick, put them back!)
  • Frasier has a problem with the cold too - his coat is very sleek and quite short - so he seems to feel the cold - I'm tempted to knit him this out of Opal Tiger! As if the back door neighbour's dog doesn't laugh at him enough - but then again it may trick the next door neighbours chihuahuas into thinking he is one of them!
  • I am battling with the "red thing" I am very happy with the way it has turned out so far - but now I am on the home stretch - the treatment of the fronts and neck - and I can't ask you guys for help - because you haven't seen it...but does anyone else get infuriated when they get so far and then just can't decide what would look best, this part is so important for the final look of the garment - I don't want to get it wrong, but I have to get it finished and at the moment am just paralysed for fear of not getting it right, looks like I am going to have to play trial and error with this one.
  • The blue blob (otherwise known as the Hourglass sweater) is still a blob, but it was heartening to hear from Sarah and Helen at knitting on sunday, that they have both knitted circular garments up to the armholes recently and then placed them to one side in order to pursue other wips, I am not alone.