Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday round up

My dear friend and colleague Anne told me to get my arse out of Ravelry and write a Friday round up, because that's how she catches up on what I've been up to.

Anne sits 2 desks behind me...

so here goes:

- 18 year old girls are not always wonderful company.

- I fear that Fraiser is ADHD, he likes to sit next to the cat door and hit it with his paw...over and over again, not in a OCD kind of way - just in a wow! this makes heaps of noise! kind of way.

- I have finally picked up the blue blob and have made progress on a sleeve - I have pre-calculated the changes I need to make, and am happy with my progress thus far, however tonight being friday, is Champagne cocktail there may not be so much progress tonight - for fear of having to rip tomorrow.

- Sarah posted this link on our Knit Rangers group on Ravelry (join it!) it looks great, I am shocked that I have heard nothing about it. A great big knit-out in South Auckland (they have a banner and everything!)and I know nothing - Barb obviously knew much more about it than me - and she is in Adelaide - I hang my head in shame, how can I call my blog "Just Jussi - kn itting in New Zealand" when I haven't the faintest idea?

- sorry Anne, that's about it, Flash and I finally have a whole weekend together - we'll probably drive out to the West Coast and go for a bushwalk, so long as the weather holds - i'll get him to take a photo of me knitting near a waterfall or something!