Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday round up

the despised cat tree has finally been shifted from the lounge, to the landing - where it is out of sight, but also much more fun for the cats - as they can run up the stairs and then up the cat tree - like screaming meemees. They are well trained, when they hear Flash's car they race to see who gets to the top of the tree first, because he always gives them a treat when he gets home - the top kitty gets the first treat - Layla wasn't moving last night.

- These kiwis do not want to fly home - so much so that they are hunger striking on the rooftop of the Villawood detention centre in Sydney - where they have been incarcerated awaiting deportation.
One of the 2 gentlemen is being deported after serving a sentence for armed robbery, the other for common assault.
I fully support their cause, we have enough criminals here in New Zealand.

- I hate duck season - I forgot how much...we live in an area surrounded by native bush, with lots of little streams and creeks leading to wetlands, it is all very beautiful, and it is all full of ducks, they wander our streets and forage in our gardens, silly people who think "oh cute!" feed them, and then have a monkey on their back forever more, as they open the door each morning to 10s of birds wanting a feed.

I hate that they pair up, and when one is inevitably run over (don't mix bogan petrolheads and ducks) the other one sits beside the body - I feel the weight of our collective human guilt heavily on my shoulders, and I haven never hurt one.

I hate that some of them have babies in the middle of winter - stupid ducks, and that I will see a local mother with 15 babies in the morning - and only 6 left by the afternoon.

This year we have a new duck challenge - despite our refusal to feed them, our cats who chase them, and our 6 foot high fences...this morning a duck found our pool, and very happy he was too, swimming around and quacking like a class of 3 year olds singing "Old Macdonald".

I will be buying a pool size net.

- there has been knitting - but if you are not a Raveller, then you do not know the extent of it...I have finished one sleeve of the blue blob, and attached it to the body stitches, now I am halfway through the other sleeve, looks like I will finish it before we go away!