Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I got my invite - I'm in Ravelry and I can't get out.
This thing is the biggest timewarp I have ever been in, it is like a giant amusement park of knitting...and my friends are there (well most of them) I am having fun, and almost revealed 3 secret projects today because they are all WIPs and I wanted them on my WIPs page! tragic yes.
If you are, have ever been, will ever be a Knit Ranger - go and join our Ravelry group - even if you just think you may visit Auckland NZ one day - go join our Ravelry Knit Rangers group, even if it is unlikely that you will ever visit NZ - but you feel connected in some way - go become a virtual Knit Ranger!

had a great wage slave day today - went to meet the people I send all my work too...long story, across town - everyone I met said such wonderful things about me and my work, so cool to feel appreciated.

On another subject, completely seperate: the latest death of an abused child in NZ - today a 3 minute silence was organised - at 12.12pm people were asked to stop whatever they were doing (yes even driving down the motorway) and observe 3 minutes silence as a mark of respect for the dead children and to show the community that we care.
I didn't stop.
I do care, of course, immensely, most of us do - the TV and radio are filled with interviews with ordinary people who care - but I don't know what 3 minutes silence will do...I asked one of my colleagues "will it stop the babies from dying?" no, of course not,the people who abuse their kids in this way don't watch the news, many don't even get out of bed until the afternoon, the anti-smacking law is unknown to them, and silence is the last thing we need, silence from those who could say something is part of the problem, maybe they could have spent their 3 minutes writing to their MP, or checking that child screaming next door, 3 minutes is all it takes to phone the police, what about 3 hours per week volunteering or fundraising or getting to know your neighbours, how about chasing up those babies who have fallen through the cracks and telling their caregivers about the 20 hours free early childhood education that is now available for 3 and 4 year olds (yes I know some centres don't offer it...most do) I feel that the 3 minutes was a stunt - to make the rest of society feel good, feel like they are doing I said before, if you want to do something write to your MP, write to all of the MPs, ask them what their stance is, ask them what they will do to make things better, and keep asking until we get the right answer.
I have heard the comment many times that it takes a village to raise a child - well, it seems like these babies are everybody's child and no-one's responsibility. I remember their names, I remember the photos of Delcelia Witika's blood soaked mattress, how many years ago now? James Whakaruru, Cris and Cru Kahui, and all the others, little lives so full of promise - lets see now if we have the collective guts to do what has to be done to stop this now.