Sunday, August 05, 2007

New free pattern

I thought it was about time - we haven't had one for a while, and as always my free pattern disclaimer:

if there is a mistake in the pattern, I'm sorry, please let me know. Please don't ask me to re-size the pattern, think of it as a challenge, grab a calculator and measuring tape and do it yourself.

I designed this pattern for "Real Nappy Week" which was a while ago.

Knitted soakers for Real nappy week.
Here is a pattern for the cutest pure wool soakers, quick and easy in 8ply yarn.
wool stays warm when wet, takes water away from the body, and breathes

Materials: 8ply (DK weight) pure wool
Main colour (MC) approximately 75 grams
Contrast colour (CC) approximately 25 grams
Set each of 3mm and 3.75 mm straight needles
Tapestry needle for sewing up
Elastic knitting –in thread if desired

Size: (6mths – 18 mths depending on nappy)

Notes: this garment is knit all in one piece.

Abbreviations: K (knit) stst (stocking stitch) inc (increase)
P (purl) dec (decrease)

Front: With 3mm needles and MC cast on 50 sts using a stretchy cast on (knitting books and magazines often have numerous cast-on techniques, check your library, online help can be found at
Otherwise you can use your normal cast-on, but use 1 larger needle e.g. size 4.5 mm, along with one 3 mm, remember not to use the larger needle to knit the rib!
Work 16 rows K1P1 rib. Use knitting-in elastic if you want a very stretchy rib.
Leg: Change to 3.75 mm needles, work 14 rows stst
Mark both ends of the last row (use a piece of contrast colour yarn)
Next row: do the following 2 things at the same time
1.) Decrease 1 st at the beginning of next and every row (knit 1 st, knit the next 2 sts together)
2.) Knit 16 sts (count the dec st as a st, you want to add a contrast colour to the centre 18 sts)
Add in the contrast colour, knit 2 sts, knit 2 sts with MC, alternate until 18 sts have been worked. Continue to end of row in MC. Continue in colour patterning as set. (This creates a padded section where it is most needed.
Continue decreasing at beginning of each row until 24 sts remaining.
Knit 4 rows with no decreases
Back: Start increases: continue with colour in pattern as set.
Increase 1 st at the beginning of each row (knit 2 sts, pick up a loop from below the second st, place on L needle and knit) continue increases until 50 sts are on needles. Place markers at both ends of row.
Short row shaping. Using MC only, knit 40 sts, turn and purl 30 sts, turn and knit 31 sts , turn. Continue to knit 1 more st each row until all sts are back in play. (wrap the next st on the needle at the end of each row to avoid making a hole)
Work 14 rows straight.
Back rib: Change to 3 mm needles, work 16 rows k1p1 rib, cast off in k1p1 rib, using a larger size needle.
Leg rib: with right side facing, pick up and knit 56 sts between the leg markers with 3mm needles and MC. Work 20 rows, then cast off in rib with 1 larger needle (to maintain stretch)
Work the other side to match.

Match the markers up and sew the side seams together.