Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday round up

yep, I'm here.

- Almost over my Ravelry binge (go friend me!) I've loaded 50 projects (and learnt a lot along the way - for instance, I have not knitted much this year - the thing is, I have done very little but knit this year, but it has all been for customers, much of it on the knitting machine). I haven't got around to loading my stash or needles (but I can see that loading my needles could be useful for when I go shopping)

- trying to organise my family so that i can go to the "Great Papakura Knit Out" (yes MH I think it is pretty much the same as it was - but it looks interesting, and you never know what will happen, life is full of surprises) at least they are out there, loud, proud and knitting!

- Layla was speyed yesterday - she is not too miserable, but Frasier is upset as all get out, running around the house crying, and jumping all over the place, he was upset that she was gone, then he was upset that she was back and smelling so different. Speying is so different now to how it was 12 years ago the last time I had a cat speyed - Layla has pain relief pills for 3 days, so much more civilised.

- the blue blob is fair racing along now, i have nearly finished the first sleeve, and the second one shouldn't take long seeing as I am working the bugs out on the first one. I love knitting with this cash iroha, such a lovely experience.

- see you at Knit Rangers on sunday, and if you live to far away, join our group on Ravelry!