Monday, August 20, 2007

a good weekend


Flash cleaned the Castle

I went to the Papkura knit-out, I was impressed with the turn-out, the vendors, the prizes and the organisation, not so impressed with the lack of tables and chairs (knitters need long tables with lots of chairs so that they can make friends and chat) still, I am sure they will fix that next year.
It was wonderful to finally meet Mel Clark 0f South seas knitting, she is very sweet and calm - and she will change the face of knitting in New Zealand, note the picture above - I bought Koigu from her, lovely raspberry Koigu, beautiful multi-toned green and pink Koigu, she had Blue sky alpacas, and the elusive Habu ( I asked about the stainless steel, Al - not to knit with, but just to experience!) needless to say I was very happy to know that I will now be able to buy yarns that my friends in Oz can't go and fondle prior to buying - hah!
Flash continued to clean the Castle.
Sunday was Knit Rangers day, what a crowd! there were 10 of us (not including Blaise - because she wasn't there)crocheters and knitters, we seem to have hit our stride now, the wait staff have worked out a system to deal with our many and various orders and Jo was very happy about yet another glowing write up, I've promised to knit a baby hat or 2 for Kristie's friend's 2lb preemie baby boy, and we are all borrowing patterns and gaining knowledge from one another.
the perfect weekend - lot's of knitting, and a really clean house (but now I have to re-organise the cupboard under the stairs - as thats's where a lot of the house was "tidied" away to!) and Koigu - what could be better?
p.s. Layla is doing great, but I would be happier if she weren't climbing trees right now.
p.p.s the koigu? - fairisle socks or fairisle fingerless gloves - my own design, but I have to design it first.