Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TDFKAL almost done

here it is, my almost completed long wrap/wide scarf (wanted something I could wind around my shoulders a couple of times) the monotonous hours of stocking st (with 2 edges sts knit every row at each end) are over, now I just need to sit down and plan the needlefelted silver fern outlines.
I have excuses: 5 tax returns - 2 for me, one for my business and 2 for Flash, NZ tax returns are a doddle, you can't really claim anything, Australian tax returns are complex and cause hair-pulling, but mine was easy because I didn't work last year, and my business made a loss (capital purchases upfront) the business one was more confusing, but is over, Flash's aussie one took a long time, but with the help of his previous 2, and a list from the accountant - I made it through with flying colours.
One word of advice for Kiwis thinking of crossing the ditch though - there is an urban myth in NZ that if you move to Oz, your family income is added up, then split between husband and wife, and then taxed...NOT SO...there is a potential for a tax offset if you have a dependent spouse, but the amount is not huge - so if you thought of moving to Oz, and earning $100 K which you split with your househusband and paid low tax on - think again.
Next was Blaise's school play - months of rehearsal culminated in 1.5 hours of hilarity, a great performance, and Blaise's part was, like her, small but perfectly formed - the audience erupted in laughter, excuse Flash's poor camera work, I may have to add subtitles.

Flash has been in fine form with our latest car drama being a real winner - the air was blue around here last night, as he plowed the car up to the door frames in the muddy porridge that was our car pad, and is now just a gravelly muddy pit. To add insult to injury he decided to back my truck down the driveway, instead of me, becuase he was worried I might bump his car (I back down the driveway at least twice a day, I could do it blindfolded - why does this sexist streak come out in men sometimes?) in doing so he managed to knock the letterbox down, but not before gouging a foot long scratch into the side of the LandRover...if we had a dogbox he would have been sleeping in it.

The landy made short work of extricating the beast from the mud, and this morning he hosed his car down to show me where that tax return money will be going...paintwork for the Holden, and blocks for the car pad...but not until the landy's paintwork has been fixed darling...!