Friday, February 18, 2005

back and in a better mood :-)

have put my "famous five" hat on, and am now packed, poised and ready for adventure on the high seas, aha me hearties!

am putting my rant down to PMT , the position of Mercury, and a nasty sinus infection, so please forgive me, however I am not removing it, I figure this blog is a reflection of me, the good, the bad, the snotty.

Went out to a bar on Wednesday night, Cherrijam in Double Bay, lovely place, low ceilings, chandeliers and loads of armchairs, chaise lounge, and sofas arranged around the piano., low lights, very welcoming and comfy, went there to watch my mate Jason's friend Shelley sing, she is a "qualified" jazz singer, and despite her small stature, she has one big voice! It was nice to spend some time out with my husband, he has been away far too much lately.

Mama arrives this evening, I can't wait to see her, we'll drag her up to King St no doubt, and keep her up late catching up on news from home. She will bring offerings of marmite ( yes I know that you can get it here, but apparently it is "not the saaaame")

My bag IS packed, I even went and bought a grass skirt and leis for the Hawaiian night, so I am getting into the spirit, was heartened to be told that the company would cover all of our "incidentals" except our shopping ( fair enough!) so am feeling much more positive about the whole thing, that and the fact that the antibiotics have kicked in, and I have printed the Clapotis ( yes I have relented...and I want to work out if I can make it on the knitting machine...) pattern, and am off to buy yarn! I figure, with Blaise's poncho, a pair of felted slippers, and Clapotis to make, I should feel like I have achieved something at the end of this voyage.

so, Bonne Chance my luvlies, I will return, with piccies, and stories, and although I am going to Indonesia, maybe some yarn...but definitely, definitely lots of batik.