Tuesday, February 01, 2005


A colleague of The Amazing Flash ( he has another career - breaking presentation today, trying to pump him up...go-gettum honey!!) produced a baby girl ( actually his wife did all the work...) so I decided that instead of making a little something that she would wear for two weeks ( and unlikely in this heat) I would make ChildHood, a cute wee hoodie, in the six month size, so it will actually be winter when she fits it. I am using cleckheaton "Lola" in white and a blue grey ( variation on the nautical theme as her parents are ardent yachties) the yarn is soft and cuddly, 52% wool/48% nylon, and machine washable, it has short fibres, so you don't end up with a sweaty baby palm full of lint.
This morning I completed the other front, and knitted both sleeves at the same time, if I make this again I will knit the whole body as one up to the armholes, and then continue with all peices on the needles but with seperate balls of yarn. I love the use of the snaps on the cardi using the buttons as decorations only, I used to do this with my kids clothes, but I think I may put a chunky plastic zipper in, instead.

I have not sewn piglet up yet...I keep finding other things to do...better put it at the top of the list for today.