Thursday, February 10, 2005

boiled bag

is not what we are having for dinner, but rather the name of the fulled bag I have been making, the kids asked me what came next, and I told them that it gets washed in hot water...hence the bag's new name. It came out lovely, all boxy and snuggly. I will go up the road this afternoon to buy the embellishments for it, then post a piccie.

The job interview on tuesday went very well, I was nervous, but honest about my skills, I have learnt that self-deprecation is not useful in these situations, it was also 38 degrees, and I was in long pants, a long sleeve white shirt ( praying my anti-perspirant would live up to it's claims ) and high heel pumps that I had never worn before, the taxi driver missed the place, and because I was 10 minutes early I decided to walk 200 metres, my guardian angel must have been looking over me, because I didn't sweat and my make up didn't I have the car, as Flash is out of town on business, YAY! ( the car thing not the Flash thing)I have my second interview today, this time with the woman who will be my immediate boss if I get the job, I am still a bit nervous, because apparently the interview will be one of those "behavioural" type, where you describe examples of situations where you have had to " be assertive" or "deal with an angry client" I saw between 10 and 20 people a day, every day for 2 years, and you think I can remember ANYTHING right now! after the gym I will sit down with my notes from the qualification I did last year, and go over my case studies etc. and get my brain into work mode, I am so happy I got this second interview.

I read the NZ Herald every morning, and felt very guilty as I did so this morning, Holly failed her science scholarship exam, and I had been "disappointed" as I had felt that she did not study hard enough, even though she told me that she had, Holls is very bright, and loves the sciences, but I chose to believe the child had failed...and as it turns out, the system was the failure, the "world's top science student" ( who is a girl from NZ) failed it too. I am angry that the proper checks were not made to insure that this exam was in line with the others, all of the sciences seem to have had exceptionally difficult, poorly written exams, and very hard marking schedules, and the children were not taught some of the topics. I am sad, as we need more people in the science - related fields, and next year, many students will opt out of the sciences, to ensure they get the high grades required for scholarship and university course requirements.

Holly wants to be a secondary school science teacher, not an illustrious career, but a rewarding one, she wants to own some land, and grow grapes in her spare time, she doesn't like wine, but is fascinated with winemaking's chemical processes...( and I am sure she will grow to like it as her palate matures!)sounds like the makings of a happy, fulfilling life, and I am pissed at NZQA for their stuff-ups, she can still pursue her dream, but they have made her feel inadequate, unfairly, and that sucks.
( Holly has requested that her scholarship paper be re-marked)

Off to the gym now to hopefully get some blood pumping to my brain, my interview is at 3pm, wish me luck blogbuddies!