Friday, February 18, 2005

just one more thing before I go...

well, a couple, "Hi!!" secret-pal-o-mine! I will be home 27 feb, my parents are coming over to look after the girls, which is handy 'cos my Dad has to come over for work anyway, Mama arrives today, and he arrives in a couple of days. I am feeling better about the cruise now ( so you should you jammy tart!...sounds like Anne, Anne is that you?? the neopets are coming back with Mum, tell Declan 10 more days!) but would love to stay here with them, I miss them heaps.

Marmite is a sticky black substance, which my children and husband spread on toast, bagels, english muffins, cheese on toast, and (it seems) every pale coloured kitchen surface available. Apparently Australian marmite doesn't taste the same as NZ marmite...I wouldn't know.

Thought I would post a piccy of the yummy yarn I just bought from the LYS, but Flash has taken off with the cable thingy...anyway I bought Jo Sharp's Silk Road DK tweed in Emporio, which is a sort of burgundy colorway that I think will look quite sumptuous knitted into Clapotis, and it will be a bit bigger knitted in this thicker yarn.

Something spooky in the Blogosphere...while I was having my own private, personal nervous breakdown, out here for you all to see, ( wednesday 16) things were not going to well for others, the gorgeous Harlot came to some grief for cursing winter, the incomparable BTCHWSTX has had her PC hijacked ( bastards)this on top of the water incident(s), and all was not well over at Nake-id, not well at all, maybe this is a week when some of us should have just stayed in bed ( with our knitting) and had the kids bring us regular small meals of tea and toast ( hold the marmite) take care out there possums.