Tuesday, February 08, 2005

what happened to monday?

thank you my dear secret pal, that was the CUTEST! card.

Flash was correct (see darling there it is...in writing) received 3 calls yesterday, 2 from recruiters - you know the drill..."the position you applied for has been filled...however we have a great blah blah blah could you please come in and meet us" and one from a real person, who I had fun chatting with, and who offered me an interview this afternoon...wish me luck.

The husband and I attended the first night of our course last night, we agreed on "just small talk" where you learn the intricacies of the art. Flash and I both feel that we are generally fine, but both need help with chatting to his customers in a social setting, especially because we will soon be on a cruise ship ( no escape!) with 1600 of them, and he has not met most of them, so there will be a lot of "cold call" type conversations, for me the problem is that I find it difficult to initiate a conversation with someone I don't know, Flash has an incentive, because he needs to know his customers, I haven't, except from the "corporate wife duty point of view" and everyone who knows me knows that I am not a corporate wife. Holly can talk to anyone,anywhere, she bounds into the lift and says "hi" to all and sundry, we call it the"puppydog effect" her godfather is just the same, he will get on a bus for a 15 minute ride, and have a new friend at the end of it.
ANYWAY, the group was a lot of fun, we have already learnt heaps, and started identifying our own small talk behaviour, and get this, for a group of people who feel they have problems chatting to strangers, we mananged to to talk and talk!

A 100% kiwi radio station launched in NZ on sunday, apparently they are only internet streaming for NZ listeners at present but will be launching to the world soon, I am so excited I can't wait!! For a small country we have a great music culture, from hip hop to jazz to rock, think of Scribe, and Crowded House, Stereogram and Kiri Te Kanawa, and the great thing is that I am in Oz, where all the great NZ bands all end up anyway!

I have to get that piglet pattern cleaned up and posted, but for now I am going to sit down with what was Blaise's bag ( but is now mine!) and finish it.