Friday, February 11, 2005

Live at the Hollywood bowl!

Blaise and Maria ( my monty python posse) and I are watching a marathon, "live at the hollywood bowl," "life of Brian" and " Holy Grail", we have 2 packets of the new chili flavour tim tams ( oh yum, they should be illegal!), and a bowl full of peaches, nectarines and sugar plums, Charlotte is at work for the night, Flash is still away, I love evenings like this we can just lie around in our jim jams and not worry about housework, homework or anything else....

Oh and....I got THE job!!! yay me
I start when we get back from Singapore, I cannot wait, I hate being at home all day, I have had a nice holiday, but I have been going stir-crazy! I am blessed to have a husband who earns enough that we could make a lifestyle choice out of me being at home, but I don't want to make that choice, I am crap at housework, the house is tidy and hygenic, but not spotless, and I need to be out of the house talking to people and doing something for myself, and this way we can enjoy the other lifestyle choices we have made, like ensuring Holly doesn't have to have a student loan, at least for a couple of years. The job is a blend of everything I love to do (at work) and more, and is only a 20 minute walk away, so I don't need a car...YAY!