Sunday, February 06, 2005

You say it's your birthday NZ? well it's my birthday too...yeah!

Happy Waitangi Day!
why oh why can't we celebrate our great nation the way the aussie's do theirs?
food for thought, but wading into a political/cultural cesspit is not this girl's idea of a good night out, so I will leave you with that thought, and get on with describing my day...

I have always felt that the fact that I was born on Waitangi Day, meant that I was destined to be a kiwi...I was born in Gloucester, England, and immigrated to NZ with my parents and baby sister when I was almost 5, it was a toss-up between Canada and NZ, whomever offered my Dad a job first.

I hated my birthdate, it was always a holiday, often my friends weren't back from their holidays, no mail was delivered, and as the adults had a day off work, I often felt like I was missing out ( actually my Mama reminded me of all this, this a.m.!)

Today I missed my home, my turanga waewae, my pied-a-terre, my foot on the ground.

My darling husband presented me with not just a second-hand laptop, but with a Dell Latitude with XP, microsoft office pro, new anti-virus, and laptop backpack (cos I walk everywhere), and tried hard to make this day easier on my homesick self, bacon and eggs and the paper, then he tidied the house, and made lunch for the visitors, coddled and cuddled me and let me get away with chicken noodles from "simply noodles" for dinner, rather than the big dinner out which would have been too much, since it is usually shared with extended family...who aren't here.
Tomorrow I will once again be in love with my aussie adventure, tonight I just want Titirangi.
, and I am lucky to have a family who understand.

No knitting today, bought a lovely book last night, full of lace patterns, and some amazing 20s style children's clothes, went to the SSK meeting yesterday, and met even more delightful, charming and intelligent folk, seems to me that knitters are just naturally nice people. Started a fulled bag yesterday, am half way through, it is in a sage green wool, which I plied with one end of lavendar 2-20s for the base, then plain green, and then a stripe of about 20 rows, should look lovely and heathery when fulled, I will knit a row of picot holes close to the top on one side, thread cord through so that when it full, the holes remain open, and then thread jump rings onto 6 of the holes, parrot clasps threaded onto the jump rings will hold 6 decorative stitch holders, and the bag will hold the makings for a pair of socks, there, a sock bag! can't wait to finish and post a picture, hopefully the idea in my head, and the finished product will be somewhat similar!

Have a wonderful evening wherever you are, and as a dear friend said to me this morning, "kia kaha" stay strong.