Thursday, February 03, 2005

since I was sitting here anyway...

thought I might as well blog, Charlotte and I have just spent time outdoors...while the 5th fire alarm in 2 months was in progress...sometimes I really miss living in a house. It is not quite 9am, and already really hot out there, I live in an air-con cocoon. Still no progress on the job front, Flash reckons I should give it a rest for a day or day, because he thinks I will be inundated with interviews in a couple of days time...I hope he is right, I just keep thinking of the big expenses we have coming up - Holly starting uni, the inescapable cruise out of Singapore, the renovating in our absence of the Waihi house...just have to let it go and believe that all shall be well.

Progress is going well on Childhood, just 5 inches to go on the hood, and then make up, I am still in a dilemma, I bought these cute as ceramic dolphin buttons, and a white zip, which is sportier than the buttons...I'll try them both out when I have sewn it up. By the way, the baby girl in question has been named "Lotte" ( they are dutch expats) Charlotte is delighted.