Monday, May 14, 2007


skeins of yarn, dried and reskeined - Blaise's new day, and "sing the blues" Blaisie does think it's a waste of time balling the yarn up and reskeining it, but I think it shows the colours better when they are offset.
Apologies for yesterday, I ended up having a lovely day, and Charlotte did apologise to me for not being nice earlier in the day. Flash, Blaise and I went to The packing shed for afternoon tea and met my Mum and grandparents, who have just returned from a trip to Sydney (sob). Helen turned up despite the throngs and we had a nice wee knitting group after the rellies left,(sorry Knitting and Writing group - Blaise brings her laptop and pounds away on her book) I was worried that the cafe staff would be a bit grumpy at us for taking up table space on the busiest day of the year, but they weren't at all, and when they started closing doors, we made movements to pack up and were told "No, stay, we're just trying to keep people out!" I do love the ambience of the place.
Last night we finally had the lamb - I could sing about that lamb! and a nice bottle of wine (no Champagne cocktails - with it being a work night!) and cuddled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire to watch Top Gear, a very nice end to a mostly lovely day.
And thanks for the words of support guys, I wouldn't usually air my dirty laundry on the blog but I was SO CROSS! and now you can see that it isn't all wine and roses at our house. I know they will come through the other side, but I had actually thought we were through the worst of it - they are trying out their independence just like any young animal.
For Lara: la la la everything is lovely, my children are sweet angels who float around on clouds looking for ways to make me happy, they do not yell, or makes messes, they do not leave fingermarks all over the walls, doors and refrigerator - leading me to believe that the Vegemite glands in their hands did not dry up when they started school, they think about others, clean the shower after they have used it and their bedrooms look like an IKEA catalogue. (they also go and pick up my Valium refills weekly) la la la! but seriously - you've met them, they are sassy and pretty cool, there are going to be off weeks, that's why babies are so cute - to sustain you through the tough times. I have a photo of mine when they were little pinned to my wall above the computer, when they were little I promised them that I would try to be understanding when they grew up - that time is now, and I have to work at it everyday.I wouldn't swap them for the world.