Monday, May 28, 2007


I've been busy lately - I'm not complaining, busy means working and working means money and money means that we can get our Waihi house back to being a holiday home by Christmas, it means spending (ok - yarn) money for France. Every day for the past 3 weeks I have either had an order to fill (which comes first) or have been knitting for the market,I had designated saturday as "finishing day" - sewing in ends, checking everything is perfect, sewing on buttons, sewing up remaining garments etc - I knew it was going to take all day, but Flash was happily taking the car for a warrant, cleaning the pool, all that arh arh stuff, Blaise was enjoying events at the Writers festival , and Charlotte and Maria were off doing what they do, so I was looking forward to pottering around in my studio for the day.

Enter distraction #1
Holly (my eldest - studying wine in Christchurch)
popped up on friday night for a quick "hello" - I haven't seen her since March, and miss her terribly, we had dinner at Mum's on friday night to catch up, and she stayed with us on saturday.
Where she was joined by distraction #2
Our dearest friend Jason, Holly's Godfather, mine of information and all around good guy - flying visit to Auckland to film a commercial -
for that little pill that starts with "V" and ends with "agra" - I fell to weeping with hysterical laughter, after realising that one of my contemporaries was advertising a drug for middle-aged men, are we middle-aged Jase? is this what it has come to?we had such big dreams - and now here I am 2 cars, a mortgage and some cats!

So my dilemma, 2 delightful people to talk to...and ALL THIS WORK! Holls went out with a friend, and I dragged Jase upstairs, so that I could work and he could trawl the internet looking for a date for the night - seriously this man needs a wife! anyone know any nice single girls in Sydney?
That just sounded worse than it was...anyway Flash dragged him off to stand around the BBQ and drink beer, it was so great to catch up, we have missed him terribly, he is a part of the family and the kids adore him.

Blaise heard of his arrival and raced home between engagements.

I worked until 2am, then woke at 6 and finished the last bits, arriving at the market at 9 am, Holls helped for the first hour before going home (sniff, but she will be home again soon) and Mum and Flash took over from 1pm so that I could go to knitting - we sold a lot of yarn and gave away heaps of patterns and business cards, I came home to an order immediately and 3 queries, so as a marketing tool it is looking good.

here is the garment I alluded to before - this is the jacket in a size 2
the yarn is a DK weight merino, organically grown, but not organically spun, the handle and lustre are a dream, it holds the pattern so well, crisp and chunky, the buttons are from Mission Falls and work so well with the undyed yarn, the hearts are dyed wood and the round carved buttons are henna dyed bone.these will be available on the website from this afternoon.