Thursday, May 10, 2007


Flash is in China this week - it suddenly dawned on me (I am not a MOTO - master of the obvious) every year he is overseas at a big conference at the same time as our anniversary - oh, maybe theres a link there (I'm usually pretty cluey) maybe they have the conference at the same time every year - yeah ? you think? I'm the Mum who doesn't know when report night is, oh jeepers is it the holidays again? and you would think that Christmas moves around like Easter the way it surprises me every year.
I have already blocked out the calender for this time next year, and put a reminder in in 6 months time - to find out where it is going to be and book to go too, wherever it is I'll have fun sightseeing while Flash works and we'll finally be together on the day.

Here's a photo from the man himself - seriously, when it comes to photography he has a gift.

not for lighting, composition or design - but for comedy.