Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday round up

  • Friday morning has dawned bright and sunny in the Waitakere Ranges, it is slightly crisp out, and the car was covered in deep crimson Liquidamber leaves.
  • I am happy this morning, for many reasons, the first of which being obvious - it's Friday!
  • - I washed the Pinwheel Beanie to see how the wool and dye held up, and am pleased (and relieved ) to report that on the "wool" cycle of the washing machine (warm gentle wash, cool rinse, medium spin) the beanie came it looking the same as when it went in. I was , as always, very scientific in my technique, which consisted of drawing around the pre-wash beanie, and taking numerous photos in controlled lighting, when it was washed I placed it back on the template to measure shrinkage (none) and took more photos to compare dye loss ( slight to none) I have changed my dye routine slightly, to prepare the yarn more thoroughly, I now soak it for an hour, and then place it in a plastic bag in the dark for a day or two, apparently this opens the yarn up even more - very important as this superwash yarn, which is notorious for not taking the dye, we've all seen superwash (often sock) yarn which looks patchy, or the core is still white (I don't mean yarn like Opal which is printed) I always think this kind of dye job looks temporary.after
  • David Bain's convictions have been overturned by the Privy Council - yes folks a group of Lords in London get the last say in the New Zealand judicial system - and for once I am glad that they do (not for much longer). I don't know if David is guilty or innocent - I would like to think the latter, but what I do know is that there is more than reasonable doubt, and much evidence tampering. Everytime I have heard of him over the years I have though about this gangly kid who returned home from an early morning paper round to find his family dead, and then being charged and imprisoned for their murders...all this, 12 long years in prison, fighting constantly to clear his name, and if he does get released early next week - he is still just a young man whose whole family are dead.
  • Knit Rangers this Sunday, 2pm at The Packing Shed, 99 Parrs Cross Road. As it is Mothers Day I know that a number of people won't be there, but come along if you want to join in a small group ( that said my Mother and GrandMother will be there!)
  • Said Mother visted Melbourne last week for the Climate Change conference...(read great chance for a bunch of greenies to jet into Melbourne for some shopping - not much reduction in global warming there!) ~cynic~ aaaaaanyhow, I noted a spike in orders from Melbourne - hmmmm thought I - must be word of mouth - yeah my Mama's mouth! she left my business cards in the baby change room of the Koru Club, tucked into parenting magazines in cafes, and handed them out to shop keepers in return for buying up large at their stores, with family like this who needs an agent?
  • I have taken a boneless leg of lamb out of the freezer (bought from Clark's Organic butchery on West Coast rd - scroll down) tonight I will marinate it in oil, garlic and fresh lemon peel, then tomorrow I will cut little pockets under the skin and stuff them with garli, oil and rosemary, force a whole lot into the whole where the bone was, run a knitfe under the skin and shove in as much fresh oregano and lemon peel as I can, and Flash will rotisserie it on the BBQ until it is crisp on the outside, pink on the inside and melting. Add capsicum, eggplant and zucchini bbq roasted wih balsamic vinegar, homemade bread and a nice bottle of duty free red, catch up time with Flash, chatting under the patio heaters...Bliss.