Sunday, May 13, 2007

ticking off the list

Yarn skeined, dyed and re-ordered - done and drying in the shade

Particularly loving Blaise's input, with a colourway called "Brand new day" - light blues, pale pinks, cream and gold with a touch of indigo to represent the edge of dawn.

Custom order, which has entailed much more work than anticipated, scaling patterns up in size is not easy for littlies, their shape and ratios change so much.I am very happy with the final result in a silk/merino blend.

wonderful surprise gift of vintage buttons from Shan I particularly love the green ones, thank you so much, Auckland isn't a complete button free zone, but it's pretty much a beautiful button free zone!

Flash is home (a day late, and more than a dollar short - I got Moet for Mothers Day, there's Cointreau and sugar cubes in the pantry - think we'll have a champagne cocktail before the lamb which has now been marinating for 2 days.)

He enjoyed Shanghai - think I should start learning Chinese? Do they have yarn there?

Some 18 year old girls - gggrrrrr, I suddenly realised that Maria and Charlotte are actually our first 18 year olds to live with us full time, Holly was living with my parents while studying at Uni, and Melanie had left to work fulltime and was living with her Mum. They are horrid - society, tv, magazines all tell them that they are "adults" so they think they have all sorts of "rights" and we have 2 of them - backing each other up constantly and treating the house like a hotel, I found Blaise folding 8 loads of washing last night, while the other 2 watched t.v. - she said it was easier just to get on and do it than to listen to their whingeing if she asked them to help, they disappear when there are jobs to do, but are first in line for dinner or pocket money, they argue about curfews and we are "SO MEAN".

Draconian measures are called for.

I hate to end on such a ickky note - especially on Mother's Day, and I know that I am just having a reaction to a week of trying to parent these two in particular alone, they have gone out with their boyfriends, I did manage to get a Happy Mother's Day out of Charlotte, and will spend a happy afternoon with Flash, Blaise, my Mum, my Gran, and then knitting group, the day is warm, the sun is shining.