Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What a wicked look! Our boy is certainly getting big.

Holly - thank you darling for reminding me! Fanny is from France and is studying wine at Lincoln for a semester, she writes the most delicious blog, beautiful photos, gorgeous recipes, and delightful prose. Holly tells me that Fanny's course of study involves patisserie for a year, then cheese for a year etc, I must ask more questions, so it is a tribute to Lincoln that she has chosen to attend their wine science programme.
Speaking of food blogs - I was looking for a baked ricotta recipe recently (we are deprived I tell you!) and yowser! found my new favourite food blog! We are having the beetroot pesto spaghetti for dinner tonight, I slow roasted the beetroot to deepen the flavour, and best of all, it's vegetarian, so Blaise will be smiley!
Kaffe was wonderful, he looked no older than the last time I saw him, the hour was inspiring, and reassuring, the evocative photos of his work and inspiration, this time I took away the feeling that I am still heading in the right direction as far as my creativity goes, it wasn't the "ka-pow!" I felt last time I listened to him, more a comforting knowledge that what he does is right for him, and what i do is right for me. Brandon Mably was there, which I hadn't expected, gah! if I had known I would have taken my book to be signed, but as it was they were swamped with quilters at the book signing! To answer that question...I love his fabric designs, but I doubt I will ever take up quilting! I also did not get any photos, being the diffident kiwi girl I am I thought cameras would not be welcome - slap my hand!