Monday, May 21, 2007

monday make up

for missed Friday round up!

I am afraid that there is not much to report, truth be told I have been head down knitting like a bandit for the market which is this sunday from 10 - 3, and trying to work out the logistics as Blaise has a number of lectures to attend and I have Knit Rangers at 2pm.

I have finally managed to knit up a few of the garments I had written patterns for, and modifications have been made, which in turn have led to new scribbles and sketches which are patiently waiting for me to have 2 minutes free time in which to do something more concrete with them.

As an aside, I am skiving off for a couple of hours tomorrow night to see the Great One, Kaffe Fassett is giving a talk on his quilts and fabric range at my old grammar school, and my Mama scored a ticket for me - wheee! The last time I saw him he was the Master of Knitting, and I was awestruck, I was inspired to knit this wee waistcoat for Charlotte who was 0ne at the time I used the "magic ball" method of tying lengths of different colours together, for this one I had a bright colours ball, and a light colours ball, the brights are the background and the lights are brought through every few stiches to knit 1 st, and then carried at the back, the squares are made using the intarsia method - that was 17 years ago, Kaffe and I have probably both changed somewhat.