Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the amazing adventures of Flash...

I know how much some of you enjoy hearing about the misadventures of my gorgeous, smart, but spatially challenged husband...so I bring you and adventure in the making...at this very moment Flash is barrelling down the m4...with an unexpected passenger...he called me on (handsfree) cell...."honey, I thought it was kind of dark in the car, so I opened the slidy thing on the car ceiling, to let the light in the sun-roof...and, well, do you know anything about spiders?"...ah ah ah...(freak out)
(me)" yes, they want to sink their poison fangs into my yielding flesh, why?"
"cos there is one on my sunroof, on the inside of the car, above my head...and it is HUGE, red, shiny, not furry...the big ones aren't poisonous are they?"
(me) " STOP the car, go to a service station, buy poison"
"I have closed the slidy thing, it's not going anywhere"
( me) "it will escape, and live in the car, and have babies, and you will bring them into the house with your stuff...thats it mister, you are not allowed back into the house"
"I'll ask the guys at work, bye honey"

ick ick ick

luckily 5 minutes later, a delivery man came, with my last parcel...yummy yummy Noro...silk garden in beiges and browns, and kureyon in pinks/sages and greys...will post pics this evening...yes with the Clapotis pics, just haven't got anyone to take them yet!