Friday, April 01, 2005

It's a mad world

There are moments when you wonder…is there anything else I can do to help my kids become independent well-rounded humans? How can I help them to stretch themselves, test their inner strengths, show them the boundless potential at their disposal? On the other hand, how can I protect them, keep them safe from the horrors this world is unleashing, I want my children to feel secure, I want them to enjoy the innocence of childhood, I want them to climb trees, catch buses, visit libraries by themselves…I keep reading about “cotton wool kids” that we are creating a society where children have to stay indoors for their "safety" where limits are not tested out of fear, where children are becoming obese from sitting on the couch playing nintendo...because playing stickball and chasey in the street are too dangerous...but I didn’t quite believe it…

until the marketing people respond with this…kids don’t even have to make their own blinking fairy bread anymore !!! wake up people! Will butter hurt them, do hundreds and thousands create a potential slipping hazard? Could somebody have an eye out? Better call OSH...they are sure to have a policy on the dangers inherent in childhood snacks...ditch that mousetrap ( toast with cheese and marmite), lose that toastie pie (jaffle, toasted cheese sandwich).

Are we that busy that we can’t slap some butter on bread and chuck a bit of candy at it by ourselves for crying out loud, is this what we are reduced to? instant gratification over time spent creating food with out children?? where is the slow food movement in this? there should be an uproar! fairy bread is real nostalgia stuff…and now “they” have taken all the fun …and danger out of it.

( you know I bought some, don’t you…this is a guilt rant)